Turkey’s First Electric Tractor is Ready for Mass Production

Turkey’s First Electric Tractor is Ready for Mass Production

Agriculture and Forestry Minister of Turkey Bekir Pakdemirli, also announced that Turkey’s first electric tractors are ready for mass production.

Pakdemirli, he gave Turkey’s first electric tractor of the information that has become available for mass production.

The electric tractor, which can be charged in 45 minutes, can work for about 7 hours. The fuel-saving tractor will also reduce the farmers’ production costs.

An electric tractor is expected to help a farmer save 133,000 Turkish Liras ($18,720) yearly on average, according to the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s estimate.

The ministry is planning to produce 10,000 electric tractors at its plant in the northwestern province of Kocaeli’s Gebze district, a focal point of the Turkish automotive industry.

The first prototype of the Turkish electric tractor with 250 HP will run on 236 batteries with a 20-year lifetime.

Another version with 250 HP will be produced for export.

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