John Deere 5058E Tractor Technical Specifications

John Deere 5058E Tractor Technical Specifications

John Deere 5058E Tractor Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: 5058E
Engine: John Deere PowerTech E
HP: 60.3 HP
Engine Capacity: 2900 CC
Engine RPM: 1500 RPM
Cylinder: 3
Transmission: 24F / 12R PowrReverser
Forward Gears: 24
Reverse Gears: 12
Fuel Tank Capacity: 82 litres
Weight: 2950 kg
Wheelbase: 2050 mm
Overall Length: 3640 mm
Lift Capacity: 1800 kg
Wheel Drive (WD): 4WD
Brake Type: Oil Immersed
Steering Type: Open centre, hydrostatic, flow metering steering valve

John Deere 5058E specs

John Deere 5058E productivity and comfort features that will enable you to complete your tasks efficiently, effectively and more comfortably than ever before. The ultra-maneuverable compact John Deere 5058E will go wherever you need it to work and has enough power to do your heavy loading jobs too. We offered a wide viewing range and made the John Deere 5058E easy and effortless to operate.

John Deere 5058E comes with the same, short wheelbase of 2050 mm (9.8 in.) and a high steering angle of 55 degrees, which supports optimal maneuverability. The outstanding turning radius of only 4250 mm (9.8 in.) is the shortest in its segment.

In combination with a complete package (right-hand console, EQRL and electrohydraulic power take-off [EH PTO], PR modulation, clutchless reversing, 24F/12R PR transmission and gear shift switch [GSS]) easy headland turns or maneuvering in small barns or confined spaces during front loader applications are guaranteed.

More tractor, more comfort

  • New 15% higher air suspension seat, passenger seat
  • 50% smaller transmission tunnel for more space
  • Brand new right console with 2 new selector control valve levers
  • New and versatile 24F / 12R transmission equipped with PowrReverser

John Deere 5058E tractor has the John Deere PowerTech E engine. This engine has a 3-cylinder power of 60.3 HP. John Deere 5058E engine capacity is 2900 CC. The 24F / 12R PowrReverser gear system is used in this tractor. The tractor has 24 forward and 12 reverse gears. Its lifting capacity is 1800 kg.

The production years of the John Deere 5058E tractor are 2010-2017. The Steering type of this tractors is Open center, hydrostatic, flow metering steering valve.

The empty weight of the tractor is 2950 kg in total and the wheelbase is 2050 mm. Its total length reaches 3640 mm. The fuel tank has a capacity of 82 liters.

The traction system is 4WD. Oil Immersed used in the brake system.

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