Case IH JX MAX PRO Series

Case IH JX MAX PRO Series

Tractor Technical Specifications


The JX MaxPro Series, which will be indispensable in all activities of middle class and large agricultural enterprises, has 4 different power options and advanced equipment. Case IH JX Max Pro Series will be the best representative of agricultural businesses with its modern appearance and technology.

JX Max Pro series continues to set the standards of its class… It offers our farmers a wide range of products from 75HP to 110HP with its environmentally friendly, 4-cylinder engines. Maximum efficiency is achieved with the fan aspiration system, in which the filter cleaning is carried out with the help of the vacuum created by the fan, while there is no contact with the self-cleaning hose at different wheel turns. The daily maintenance and cleaning operations of the tractor are carried out easily and quickly with the compressor of 15 liters, which is offered as a standard in 4-cylinder shaded-cabin models. With the viscous fan system offered as standard in all models, the fan is activated only when needed, preventing the engine from compromising its performance, while saving fuel.

Gear options that can respond to all your agricultural activities

With the transmission with 12 forward – 12 reverse Powershuttle shuttle arm, offered as standard in 4-cylinder models, end-of-row turns are easily realized. In the JX75 model, 20 forward and 12 reverse transmission with a reptile speed kit, which is an optional feature that provides efficient operation in agricultural activities requiring low speed, is offered as standard.

Strong and durable hydraulic system

JX Max Pro series tractors offer the opportunity to do more than one job at the same time with many equipment thanks to 4 hydraulic power outlets offered as standard. With the middle hydraulic arm offered as standard in the JX90, 100 and 110 models, many functions from connecting equipment to hydraulic depth adjustment can be controlled from inside the cabin. Hydraulic lifting capacity was increased from 3,565 kg to 4,700 kg with two additional power cylinders offered as standard in the JX100 and JX110 models. With its strong and durable hydraulic system, Case IH JX series enables you to work effectively with many equipments.

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