When is the best date for planting corn?

When is the best date for planting corn?

Seasonal changes affected the planting times. But choosing the right date requires a lot of experience.

Choosing the right date for sowing maize requires a high degree of sensitivity and experience.

Corn sowing possible from April

Sowing dates around mid-April, in some cases even earlier, have become established regionally, reports Norbert Erhardt from the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture. Early periods of drought favor soil cultivation and cultivation. If there is no precipitation, the maize can use the residual moisture from the winter months for a safe field emergence.

From mid-April, favorable soil conditions could also be used for cultivating maize on difficult sites. Seedbed preparation and sowing would have to be coordinated. “If the finished seedbed is again moistened by precipitation, the maize sowing can quickly shift so far that yield loss due to a lack of vegetation time is inevitable,” explains Erhardt.

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